I have a large dspayed female senior about 12-13y/o who was dumped near my home 2 years ago. She is licks the floor ofte

This ole girl was tramatized & paced the floor for months. She knew she was not at her home & became very depressed. She is much better, interacts with our other animals & gets along well with everyone. She just continues to obsessively lick the floor. What can I do to help her?

Asked by Member 1174670 on Jun 11th 2013 in Senior Pet
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Pineapple Smushface

Switch to natural cleaning products so that she does not become ill from ingesting any chemicals. She probably smells and tastes things, especially in the kitchen. Try to distract her with a treat, dog sitter dvd, or a toy. It's probably just a habit, but one that probably bothers you way more than it hurts her. Avoid bleaching or Lysoling the floor where she licks also. Be aware that she might be doing it for negative attention... see what happens when you completely ignore her- does it stop? ^_^

Pineapple Smushface answered on 2/16/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer