I have a GS bitch, 18months old and recently if it meets a dog and they don't want to play she becomes quite aggressive

training was not a great success but 90% of the time she will come back but if another dog around it is very unlikely she will return until she has been to see it. She is good with people and kids and no problem other than this issue

Asked by Member 1074160 on Nov 30th 2011 Tagged germanshepherd, aggresion, play in Socialization
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if she is not spayed she will continue to exhibit that behavior.
if she is spayed you can look up dog clubs that can help you train some of this out of her. It is not unusual for any dog not just a german shepherd to have some dog aggression. It may not even be bad aggression it could be just a lack of interaction skills.
search this link to get involved in a german shepherd club who can also help you even perhaps train for a obedience/temperment title. :)
good luck. and by the way there is fear stages and about around this age the fear stage could be present. just means the dog may become overwhelmed in certain situations bc the dog is immature and needs to be reassured and corrected properly when over reaction is occuring in his or her's fear stages or lack of social interactions.

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