I have a female dog who has started kicking back her hind legs after pooping.Why and how do I stop?

Have had my rottie mix female for 4 years.In the past few weeks she has started to kick back her hind legs after going. I am loosing grass all over the yard! Any idea why and how I can stop?

Asked by Member 1158466 on Mar 7th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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She's marking her territory. A study (can't remember who did it) concluded that the dog releases scent from their paws & the scratch marks indicated direction of travel.
At 4 she is pretty much fully mature. Is she spayed?When was her last heat, if not?
You can try t train her not to, but to do that you need to be out there with her..on a leash. When she eliminates & starts to mark/scratch give a verbal interrupter & quickly move her along.

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