I have a female 3 yr old blue healer and she is a hand full. Is there any one looking to adopt a loving sweet smart dog

Her name is Riley. We live in a house with a big yard but she doesn't have much energy at all. I almost have to force her to walk or run every day. She won't chase a frisby or a ball. She does play alot and tug with toys and is really connected with my boxer/lab mix. Is it common that blue healers have thyroid problems? She barks at everyone and everything and won't mind at all. It's almost as if she's a brat on purpose. She is also a bit untrustworthy around my granddaughter. Help or I need to get rid of her.

Asked by Member 998534 on Jul 27th 2010 Tagged dogbehavior in Barking
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Train the dog! If you suspect a thyroid issue, take her to the vet. She is not doing it on purpose if she has not been taught otherwise. She could be bored. She is a herding breed, barking comes with the breed, as does independence. Heelers are super smart dogs who NEED a job or they will find one of their own, and people may not like their choice. Please hire a trainer or enrol in obedience classes.

Member 904338 answered on 7/27/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Contact either her breeder, as they may prefer to place her, or the pure breed rescue in your area for Heelers or other herding dogs.

A working dog with nothing to do will get bored & frustrated and try to vent, in her case by barking and causing trouble.

If you intend to get another dog, please research breeds so you get a dog happy to sit quietly on the front lawn.
A cement dog comes to mind.

Pepper answered on 7/27/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


i have one named harley there Guard dogs at heart if she dosent know some one she will protectvie of you if worst comes to worst buy her a shock collar or buy a training book if you really dont trust her around others get a muzzle it my make her a litte more lazy but it works good luck

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There's a simple solution to this problem....train your dog. It drives me CRAZY when people blame the dog, people need to take responsibility. When your dog is a "brat" it's because you didn't take the time or put in the effort to train.
If she's playing a lot, then she has energy to go for walks, maybe leash training is needed. Who cares if she doesn't fetch, a lot of dogs don't like it. Dogs bark, teach her the quiet command. How old is your granddaughter? My grandson is 3 and he's been taught gentle and how to behave around a dog. Everything you mentioned can be fixed, you just need to fix them.

♥ DEOGIE ♥ answered on 7/28/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


ok. well this must be the question.
some adoptees need a professional trainer. she has no play drive or prey drive. You might have to keep trying or find what she does like. Like swimming or walking? She might of never been around children, my rule on dogs and children is they are never alone together ever. Even the most trust worthy dog is never left alone with any child. That would mean even my Boston who is child proof.
This might be sounding like a dog who is sick or very unhappy.
A big yard is good but some dogs still need a good walk or jogging. A thyroid problem could happen with any breed and any dog.
there is meds for it.
You can either take the time to get the dog on track or hire a trainer to help decide which training program can help her. Or you can find a good country farm home that can train her to be around livestock, that is if she can do it.
It is a decision that you must search out that would be right for the dog to be happy again.

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Have you tried joining a dog park in your area? See if you can take her and the boxer/lab mix together to a park and see how they interact with the other dogs. Perhaps once she gets used to it you can take her daily and have it be another outlet for her energy. Plus it will give you a break from having to run her twice a day! Don't get me wrong, you will definitely still want to take her out on your own. Try running/walking in the morning and the dog park at night. The idea is once you drain a lot of her stored up energy she might not be such a handful and you can relax and enjoy her more :)

Wyatt answered on 7/29/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer