i have a border collie wolf mix, she is 5 mths old and a very smart energetic good pup and is amazing with my kids!!! sh

sorry, not sure if my question posted or not!!! but i have a 5 mth old border collie wolf mix who is a very great energetic pup and is amazing with my kids and likes to herd them as if they were her pups!!! but within the last mth she has started barking at everyone, at first i thought she was just protecting and guarding the kids but now she does it in the car and in the house while lookingout the window, she has never shown a mean or violent side but her bark is really loud and it scares people!! is there anything i can do to stop this???

Asked by Member 1133254 on Sep 28th 2012 in Barking
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it seems counter intuitive, but often teaching a dog to bark on command will help this. You teach her to bark, and then you can teach her to not bark.
How much exercise is she getting? Have you been to a training class? I recommend looking up classes in your area and taking her in.

Chase answered on 9/29/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer