i have a bad dog,need good training advice.

my dog is the worst behaved dog. She jumps And chews on every thing. we need to properly train her or we will probly give her away. Does anyone know good training methods or any good dog training academies? with low prices.Got any thing?

Asked by Member 1126512 on Jan 9th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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If you need to start from scratch or are new to dog owning, I suggest you get "Before & After Getting Your Puppy" by Ian Dunbar, and "The Power of Positive Dog Training" by Pat Miller.
Ask your vet if s/he knows any positive trainers in your area.
Beware of trainers who "guarantee" results or do not use positive methods. Avoid trainers who use prongs or e-collars as part of the training system.

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It depends on how old she is. A pup simply wants to play, excited to see you. An older dog has been allowed or conditioned to jump and you need to distract her into a different action, basic UNtraining. K.I.S.S. with 1 syllable commands. Pups chew when they're teething to relieve the pressure of teeth breaking thru the gum. All dogs have the instinct to chew, some need more, boredom heightens the urge. There are many kinds to buy or make one strong enough to withstand her bite. If she's constrained to an apt while you're away, she's got pentup energy & needs an outlet - get out the halter, take her for a run and watch her get really excited! (No dogparks till she comes the INSTANT you call HER) Training classes have good intentions but you must follow through. Start rewarding her EVERY GOOD behavior and ignoring the bad. Keep tiny treats in your pocket, make eye contact with her & LOTS of affection. Dogs love unconditionally so she'll strive to please.

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