I have a 9 month old yorkie and she suffers from what I think anxiety.

When my dog sees another animal on the street or on tv she will run around, bark, wimper, hide, and run to me for reasurance. We were just watching a dog show and every time she saw a dog she would do everything I had explaned earlier. There wasnt any sound so its not like she is reacting to another dog barking. This is very up setting for my little girl and myself. Please help I dont know if I should cuddle her or scold her.

Asked by Member 1076409 on Dec 8th 2011 in Fears & Phobias
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You should do neither. You can’t really scold her for her behavior because she isn’t really doing anything bad. And you shouldn’t comfort her either because if you cuddle her when she’s acting nervous or anxious, you are letting her know that it’s okay to act like that.

How often are you exercising your dog? Make sure you are taking her on walks daily and playing with her. Terriers are very high energy, and often get bored. Lots of activity will help to relax her brain, and make her less likely to get nervous or anxious over small things. When you do walk her, try not to anticipate her being scared of other dogs. Your anticipation will trigger her to think something is wrong, and she will immediately act afraid or anxious because you are. It’s important that you stay calm when you are on walks and when you’re watching TV. Some dogs are timid, and it seems like your dog is searching for a ‘pack leader.’ You don’t need to hold her to comfort her - merely being her role model will do the same thing, and help her to stop being anxious or afraid of every little thing. Because she lacks a leader, she’s trying to find ways to deal with whatever is going on. Try making sure you are exercising her consistently, and try to not freak out when she gets afraid.

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