I have a 8 month old German Shepard mix due for neuter tomorrow! I am a worried about it and need opinions.

I am just wondering pros cons and other people's experience with neutering. I would not be worried about it if he was a bad dog or needed calm down but he is super well behaved and calm already. So not sure if it is necessary to get done. It seems to be mixed decisions on the Internet . So opinions?

Asked by Dallas on Nov 12th 2012 in Health & Wellness
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No way should you neuter a gsd at 8 months old. Minimum would be 18 months-2 years old. This gives the dog a chance to grow properly, with all the benefits of proper hormones, until his growth plates have fused.
Neutering will not cure any behavior problems, or necessarily calm him down. Or stop marking, btw. It WILL prevent unwanted puppies, if you are not a responsible owner of an intact dog.
Neutering does decrease the risk of certain cancers, but the risk of contracting these are already low.
It really boils down to you. If you can keep him from accessing females in heat, and raise/train him well, then keeping a dog intact is no big deal.
But again.. DO NOT do it this young.

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