i have a 5mth american bulldog and a 2yr cross germansheperd staffy they get along great but i need to stop them playing

I have tried caging the pup bulldog but the cross just pulls the cage around

Asked by Member 1141804 on Nov 22nd 2012 Tagged dogsplayingindoors in The Dogster Website
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When the dogs are too rough or one of them needs a break, teaching them a command word can help a lot. "All done" is a good one. Place your hands one over the other and swing them across each other showing the dogs while saying time out or all done (IE: like a referree would do). When they even slow play or acknowledge you, give them a treat (whoever listens to you gets a treat, and can help the other dog learn as well). Continue this process daily until they understand that settling down and minding you is a good thing.

Marley answered on Nov 23rd.

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Why do you want the playing to be stopped? Little more details needed here.

Member 1107927 answered on 11/23/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


You are wise to separate them when the play gets too rough, but you must make it so the gsd can not hassle pup in the crate. Sounds like he thinks it is still a game. Ideally, you just want pup to settle, then let them resume play.
There will come a day when your gsd will let your AB know that his "puppy licence" has expired & it is at that point that you hopefully will have 2 dogs who play well together.
I use the cue "settle down" when I want play to end. I cue them as the growlies get louder, and when I separate them (if needed).
Good luck to you.
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