I have a 5 yr old mini tea cup short hair chihuahua and she seem to Keep. A oder on. Her body

I have a 5 yr old mini tea cup short hair chihuahua Her weight is 3 to 5 pounds and she seem to Keep. A oder on her. IT is Not like a " potty" smell?? I Have. Tried vinger. Vet recommended For fleas or flea eggs.. she DOES NOT have any, if she does. Still use it in case .. she so small she not on the outside .. so SMELL NOT OUTSIDE. SMELL NEITHER? ? And I also bought medicated shampoo. along with medicated. Combination spray . that goes along together..That is a leave. In. Spray.I Brought. It from a reliable. Pet store. it says no more than 7 days? For the medicated shampoo and spray.. i have just begun to give her a bath every night if nit every other night..Can you Please. Help please

Asked by Member 1131443 on Sep 18th 2012 Tagged bath, oder in Other Grooming
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Well, I think it is something other than flea problem. There are certain kind of skin allergies due which dogs smell bad. Discuss this problem again with a vet. He might suggest some tests.

Member 1107927 answered on 9/19/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer