I have a 5 year old Am Staff mix who suddenly will not walk around the block,,he seems nervous leaving the property,why?

Until about a month or so ago,,he would walk around the block with me every day,,,then about a month ago,,,i walk to the front of my house on the street and he hears noises and cars and his ears go back and he gives me this,,,,,i do not want to go anywhere i want to go back home,,,,i try pulling him to walk but he will not budge unless i take him in the direction of the front door of my house,,,,is he being too overprotective of our house,,,he does bark everytime a dog or human pass's the house,,,,please advise

Asked by Brutus on May 14th 2012 Tagged walkingthedog in Behavior & Training
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Doesn't sound like protecting to me, sounds more like fear of something outside the house. Did he recently have a bad experience whilst out on a walk?

Either way, it's best not to baby him or feed his fear by continually letting him turn back - though I appreciate that it's the only option when he won't budge! Have you tried trying to motivate him with food, getting him to walk further? Also is there another direction you could walk in, when leaving the house? It might be just this one route he has got into his mind is bad.

It would also be worth taking another dog on the walk too - is he alright with dogs? If there was another dog in the family or one he knew, you could try taking them both on a walk from the house at the same time, and he might be motivated by the other dog, noticing that the other one is not scared.

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