I have a 4 yr old olde English bulldogge that gets aggressive around large dogs. Its very random, I don't know what to d

Asked by Member 1156024 on Feb 19th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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either you hire a behavioral specialist or for now the very basics to make sure you don't get sued or anyone gets hurt is keep your dog on a lead not leash so you have full control of him, and if he bites you will have to muzzle him. some dogs just have to be muzzled due to unpredictably, but their are underlying psychological issues only a special behavioral can retrain your dog to snap out of. If your dog can't go outside to be safe for him, you or other dogs and owners, perhaps that is a time to get a doggy treadmill or train your dog to use a human treadmill to get his exercise inside with safety and ensure he gets the exercise he needs, but NOT unsupervised and make sure you get lots of info with this to make sure its SAFE. Psychologically its complex to understand why, so for now put your dog on a lead with full control and muzzle or get a indoor treadmill

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