I have a 4 year old Rat Terrier/Cocker Spaniel mix peeing in the house, what do I do?

Hey guys! My 4 year old Rat Terrier/Cocker Spaniel mix has been recently peeing in the house. He has always been kind of aggressive, but I feel that it has been becoming much easier to agitate him. He's very affectionate, but there are just some things that make him mad, haha. But he knows what "pee-pee" and "want to go outside?" means, and when I ask him if he needs to go, he deliberately won't go, and will turn around and pee inside the house. Usually when I can't get him to go I can bribe him with a treat, but he's even hesitant about that sometimes. I just don't know what the problem is; I don't know if he's jealous about the other dogs and he's just taking it out on us that way, or if there really is a problem.

Asked by Link on Dec 24th 2007 Tagged bathroom, behavior in Behavior & Training
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This could definitely be behavioral, but if this were my dog, I'd take him to the vet for a full workup, including blood and kidney tests, just to make absolutely sure everything is okay.

At his age, he's probably just fine, but it is shocking how many times urination in the house is a sign of an underlying illness and not just stubborness.

Particularly, if dog has been perfectly housetrained up until the incidents start happening, I'd suspect a medical issue rather than behavioral.

Once you get him cleared for physical problems, you can work out what might be bothering him.

In my opinion, dogs (even aggressive ones) rarely start peeing inside for just reasons of territory. Something might be bothering him, and since you're his "parent", you will probably be the best person to figure out what.

My other suggestion is making sure he really gets enough exercise. It is amazing how much this helps almost every behavioral problem.

Good luck!

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