I have a 4 month old miniature dachshund puppy who has started piddling everywhere. what can i do to stop him?

I bought him at 8wks old and because of the warmer weather the back door was left open and he would spend most of the day playing outside. we covered the kitchen floor with paper at night for him gradually reducing the amount so now its just a couple of sheets in front of the door. This was working fine until last week when he seems to have decided to poo and pee next to the paper or wherever he happens to be standing when the urge takes him. If the back door is open he will take himself outside to relieve himself, the problem is that its generally shut now because its so cold and he just wont wait long enough for me to open it. I take him for walks and he wont go but the moment we get back in the house he goes and piddles in the kitchen. What can i do? please help

Asked by Member 1138259 on Oct 30th 2012 Tagged piddle, training, miniaturedachshund, potty, soiling, weather in House Soiling
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they have these puppy pads that u can put where ever he needs to go to potty train him until it warms up out side or put a gate up in the morning for him to go out bye himself or get a puppy door for him to go out that door in the night when ever he needs to go if u do get that then train him to go in and out the door certain times and dose the outside to the back door have a fence around it so he dosent fun away

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Sadly, your puppy has trained himself to go in your house. Unless puppies are actively house trained by confinement and physically taking them outside, waiting while they go, then praising and keeping up this cycle, they will not learn that is the place they are supposed to go.
You will need to start over with basics... I would ditch the papers as those are just reinforcing that the house is where you are supposed to go.
Use a crate or some other kind of confinement. As soon as the puppy is let out of the crate, take him outside and walk him until he goes. If he doesn't go, back into the crate for 20 minutes or so, then out on a leash again.
IF he goes, he's earned about a half hour of free time, BUT ONLY if you are in the same room and constantly watching...any sign that he has to go he needs to be taken out on the leash.
It sounds like a lot of work, but once he is trained to only go outside, he will be trained for life.
Remember, no freedom inside UNLESS someone is right with hi

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