I have a 4 month old male and a 2 months old female Cocker Spaniel that I intend to breed. Not now after TWO YEARS

Both the male and the female come from different bloodines, no inbreeding in their pedigree. Parents of both are champions. The parents have been checked for all illnesses and the vet has given them a clean chit. I will send take these two for shows as well to get them the champion title. I intend to breed them but after TWO YEARS because I know they should not breed before that and also I need to educate myself on breeding. Could you please help me out on the precautions to take so that they don't breed before TWO YEARS. Any suggestions are welcome. I dont have experience in breeding thats ahy I need atleast TWO YEARS to educate myself. I also have a mentor who is breeding for the past 25 years. However, you suggestions are welcome too. The more I learn the better :)

Asked by Rusty on Jan 7th 2010 in English Cocker Spaniel
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There are some veteran breeders that post here that can give you more advice.

- Some people board the male during the female's heat. This is the easiest way to prevent litters. If the male must remain home, NO contact for duration of heat -- separate rooms. They can mate through crates, fences etc. so that's not enough. Never leave female unattended outside either b/c of roaming males.

- After the 2 year mark is generally when they are ready to have their genetic health testing done. I'm not sure which health problems are common in Cockers but some examples of genetic health tests are OFA or PennHip, CERF, and so on. These are tests that are more involved than your regular vet checkup... for example OFAs are hip x-rays which are taken, given a hip rating, then logged into the OFA database. CERF is a yearly eye test. All reputable and good breeders do some type of genetic health tests relevant to their breed.


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