Sir Rockies Takedown 22

I have a 3 year old chocolate lab. He has the most horrible odor problem. I know you are not suppose to bath labs more t

Asked by Sir Rockies Takedown 22 on Jan 15th 2008 Tagged stinkydoghelp in Answers
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First of all, Sir Rockies is very beautiful!
His odor may have something to do with what you are feeding him. I know if you are not using a quality food, odor can be a problem.
Also, try the wipes that are made just for pets. That way after his trips outside you can wipe his body and paws.
Good luck!

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I have come across this doggie shampoo that works wonders. It a herbal peppermint shampoo for dogs that is sold at your local herbal store. I am not sure if they sell it in Petco or Petsmart. Give it a try. It also helps with itching/ticks/fleas. It can be on the expensive side, but it is wel worth it and you only have to use maybe 2 squirts for a full bath. Hope this helps!

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It is not normal for a dog to have a bad smell unless:

1) He's rolling in something smelly or

2) He isn't being bathed often enough.

Barring any skin conditions or medical problems, the vast majority of dogs can be bathed twice a month.

If Sir Rockies isn't smelling good and you know for sure he's not getting into anything that is causing an odor, then it is more than likely a physical problem.

Food alleriges have been known to cause bad odor, sometimes without any other apparent symptoms. Also, he could have a tooth abcess, gingivitis or a nutritional deficit.

My advice would be to take him to the vet and have a full checkup, including basic bloodwork done. You might just find your answer there. If he's given the all clear, then you might want to gradually change his diet to see if he smells better on a different food.

A healthy dog can stay relatively odor free for weeks if he doesn't roll in anything or play with other stinky pups.

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Labs are notorious for having an oily coat due to their purpose, of being a water/ hunting breed. Really strong doggy odor can be caused by a couple of things (he may need a bath, but make sure that he is rinsed thoroughly, any residue from shampoo can cause dandruff, and dirt and oil will stick to the coat), or if he is particularly smelly around his head, he may have a yeast or bacterial infection in his ears. Labs are prone to ear infections because their ear flaps are down, trapping moisture, which creates a nice warm, moist place for excess yeasts and bacteria to grow. This will make a strong, obnoxious, doggy smell as well. If you look in his ears and see an dirty waxy residue, or they look red/ inflamed, you may want to check with your vet.

Good Luck~

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Yes, Labs are pretty stinky. It's due to the oils in their coat which makes them waterproof...If he smells really bad and the baths are not helping, he may be allergic to his food. Mommie had a friend with a stinky Lab that was allergic to soon as she put him on a non-grain diet...he didn't stink anymore.

But keep in mind that some amount of "doggy Odor" is natural for Labs since the oil in their coats tend to make them smell like a gym locker room.

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KABX  loves Sammy

I agree with Dawson in one thing... The ears! Have you checked SRT22's ears? Sometimes the foul odor comes from there. Lift the ear and check if you can see and smell a gunk type of secretion. The color goes from red to black and has a cheesy consistence. In case you find this test positive, clean the ear with a special ear cleanser like Virbac's or Hartz' and a tissue, never a q tip. Do it daily until you have it under control. A weekly ear cleaning routine will be good for your dog's health , but also for your nose.
Good luck!

KABX loves Sammy answered on 1/16/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Whitie Speciality Germiquet

Well actually you can bathe him ever 2 months My baby girl was a golden retriever Yellow Lab. That is what I was told every 2 months..

Yes it can also be what you are feeding him maybe talking to the vet about this problem he may be able to tell you about an in store dog food brand that is better for him in the long run.

Another thing you can do is go to the pet store and either buy dog cologne or else tea tree spray for the fur..

It helps to cover the odor. It may be that he's just got that oily skin. But I would talk to your vet first about it before doing anything or even a pet store person..

Good luck

*p.S* My foster he is a hound so has a houndy smell and I was told to use the tea tree spray. My mom uses The doggy Cologne on her Sheltie and Bichon and I was told they both work great

Whitie Speciality Germiquet answered on 1/19/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer