I have a 1yr. Old rottweiler mix and a 5 mother pitbull. My question is as the Pit grows will she attack the other dog?

Asked by Member 1109427 on May 5th 2012 in Dogs & Kids
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I can help you with this. As I had a 12 yr old pomerian and got a 5 week old pitbull. I was worried about the same concerns and soon found that Captain (my pitbull) learned from Harley (my pomerian). She will except your rottweiler as her teacher and will learn very quickly. You will still need to assist in training example: potty traing but it will not take as long with the older teacher there to help. Pitbull's get there bad names from the owners not the breed. You will find she will not only protect you and your household but your other dog as well.

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Gray Dawn Treader

Here's a page about Pit Bulls and dog aggression:

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