I have a 1 year old spitz. We went camping in late August and ever since we got back, he has been scratching.

It's progressively gotten worse. He is constantly scratching and digging at himself. Also, whenever I pet him, he is very ticklish. When I pet his neck, back, belly, sides, he becomes REALLY ticklish. He wasnt like that before we took him camping. Please help. I cant afford to take him to the vet for a couple weeks and I would love some help now. Thanks.

Asked by Shadow on Sep 23rd 2011 Tagged skin, scratching, ticklish in Skin Problems
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My dog did that to this year after we went camping I took her to the vet she was scrathching like crazy it ended up that she picked up the mange so we had to treat her for her. Take yor dog in as soon as you can if thats what it is if not treated his hair will start falling out and he will be covered in sores.

Lexie answered on 9/23/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer

Pamela       -    Adopted!!!!

I agree with Lexi. He needs Vet treatment. I suppose he could have been bitten by fleas. Even if the fleas are gone, he may still be reacting to the bite. Not my first guess though... most likely he has Sarcoptic mange.

Sarcoptic mange is very hard to diagnose with a skin scraping as the mites burrow deep into the skin and only come up at certain times of the day. If your Vet rules out fleas and Demodex, she/he should treat for mange, EVEN IF HE CAN'T FIND ANY MITES!

My foster dog Pamela had 3 scrapings done and all were negative. As she wasn't mine, I could have medical treatment done without a diagnosis. Poor dog was so itchy!

It wasn't until I also got itchy red spots on one leg, that my Vet said it had to be Sarcoptic mange.

P.S. Don't let him sleep on furniture. The mites can go from dog>surface>other mammal, including humans.

Google a few articles on Sarcoptic mange for FYI

Pamela - Adopted!!!! answered on 9/23/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer