I have a 15 year old blk lab/chow mix recentely she started having major night time separation anxiety.

Using the tv or radio during the day helps with the separation anxiety. Recently moved to new place,if left downstairs when we go to bed,at around 4-5 a.m.Baby starts having major anxiety attacks :digging at outside doors and pacing the house panting. Amputation of right back leg a year ago makes her unable to go up stairs without assistants. Baby is a recently retired seizure/service pet.(I am unable to carry her up the stairs.)Contacting vet.due to age and med.risk with amputation.Prefer natural treatment due to age.

Asked by Member 1107743 on Apr 26th 2012 Tagged blklabchowmix, separationanxiety, behavior, retiredserviceanimal in Separation Anxiety
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