I have a 10 month old Lab/Pit mix and a 8 month old Lab/Dalmation mix.

I have a 10 month old female pit/lab mix and i recently got a free male lab/dalmation mix who is 8 months old. They did really good the first night and the Second morning. But by the second night they were fighting and going for the throats. My female has never displayed any of her pit like actions before she actually has been very scared of other dogs so i thought this might be a good thing. WRONG i think!!! The ppl i got the male from said i could bring him back if thee was any problems but i hate to give up it has only been a weekend, but i don't want to change my other dog for the bad either. any help would be great.

Asked by Sophie on Feb 2nd 2009 in Aggression
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It sounds like they are fighting. Sometimes they won't be fighting.. they could be playing. But as I read, going at each others throats sounds pretty aggresive. You might want to get 2 people to hold thier leashes and let them smell each other, if they start to fight, pull them back and make them sit/stay. They will probably go after each other, which is normal, but is not your goal. If they relax on the leash, reward them with treats. Do not leave them together out of crate at home alone. Don't seperate them when you are home, either, because they will never learn to not fight and bite. I wouldn't give up your male yet, he still needs to get used to your other dog. This behavior will go on maybe for another week or so. Good luck

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Well you did mention that your female was typically scared of other dogs. This could actually be why they are fighting. Often, fearful dogs can become aggressive as this is the only way they know how to defend themselves. The new dog could have become curious in your female, and though she may have given him signs that she was unsure about him, he may not have backed off. Even if he was only being curious and not aggressive himself, his persistence could have caused her to attack him. Watch them closely, and keep them leashed when they are in your home. If one goes to attack the other, pull firmly on the leash and tell them 'no'. They need to learn to be in the same household together and realize that they don't need to attack each other.

Also, how did you introduce the two dogs? If you just brought the new dog into your home, then you actually initiated this attack without knowing. By bringing him into the home without introducing the dogs outside of your home first, your female dog could start to feel territorial. Even if she has never been that way before, a new dog can trigger that behavior. Take them for a long walk together, and allow them to walk on either side of you. Make sure you are doing things with them together. They have to understand that you are their leader, and that they must listen to you. I wouldn't give up at this point, no, because I don't think that this issue has to do with your dogs entirely. It sounds as though your female is just upset that she now has to share her home, but you have to make sure that as her owner, you make the effort to make them both feel comfortable.

Please message me if you have any questions. Best of luck.

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LOOK.. ya have to let dogs be dogs. there are dogs things that us humans don't understand. sometimes it might look like a fight and its just a HEy kid.. I am alpha here, and u are just the pipsqueak so lay off! UNLESS there is blood, or it looks like thier is going to be blood shed then DON'T get in the middle of it. they have to work things out themselves. its a pack thing. if u don't understand then i suggest watching a national g. specail on DVD on wolves and pack behavior. OR if they are about the same age. THEY still have to work out whos going to be alpha.. yes u should always BE first, but then its WHO the dog alpha will be next. don't worry about it. they will work it out.

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