I found a breeder for a mini aussie!!!!

I will not get another dog until tommy has passed I am looking for a dog because tommy can literally go any day or any month. I am concentrating on Tommy final days and how fun they will be but I want to find a breeder who understands my situation and is willing to wait and work with me. Blaze never had puppies!!!!! she will be bred next year. My fence has never been broke. the only problem i had is Griffin digging under the fence which has been fixed and tommy jumping over it which he no longer does. I found a breeder near me like literately 60 miles from me who breeds mini aussies. Blaze is an outside dog yes what is wrong with that she has shelter food and water every day as well as tommy. This new dog I will get after tommy has died will be an indoor outdoor dog. But im not looking to replace tommy im just looking to add to the family tree.

Asked by *Tommy* on Sep 12th 2013 in Choosing the Right Pet
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Dont shop. Adopt. I'm sure theres plenty of puppies who have been left behind that would make a great companion just waiting for you and Tommy in a shelter or rescue.

Nothing is wrong with an outside dog just most people enjoy having their pet companion inside with them where they can keep an eye on them and have them as part of the family (wathing t.v together, eating dinner together, sleeping together, ect.)

Shadow answered on 10/15/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer