I currently live in HUD housing and have one pet. My doctor has prescribed me a service dog.

I have talked with my landlord and was told that I could not have both dogs in my apartment, even if one was a service dog. I told her that I was under the impression that service dogs were exempt from any pet policies, however she says that she has discretion because in my lease it says only one pet per unit and landlord can modify any clauses. please help with advice on this topic. I am just confused because my therapist told me different. thanks in advance

Asked by Toby on Dec 12th 2012 Tagged servicedog in Laws & Legislation
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Your therapist has given you correct info. A service dog is exempt from pet clauses. So you still only have one *pet. BUT there are exceptions to this rule.
Please post this on the main forum page in the Service & Therapy Dogs forum. There are many helpful folk there who can help you out with all the proper statutes & interpreting the ADA. Only a few come to Answers, so you're better off reposting. so you can dialogue with those in the know.
In Answers you can only post once, & we can only reply once. Good luck to you.

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