i cant afford to take my dog to the vet but im scared shes really sick wat should i do? read details

help im worried about my doggie rezzo shes about 10 mos. and 20 lbs shes been acting really werid like scared. i think my neighbors gave her something bad theres a lot of crazy kids over there and they mess with her i try and keep her away because they throw things over the fence and she doesnt know any better to not eat it like candy and stuff they dont listen when i tell them to stop. and i fear that they gave her something very bad she acts like she just got beaten or something it makes me almost cry. she looks like shes tripping out on something you know what i mean i hope its just maybe that shes just a lil sick but i dont think she is, shes acts so afraid. i wish i could take her to the vet but i have no money what should i do? please help

Asked by Rezzo on Jul 5th 2010 Tagged sickpuppyaffordable in Other Puppies
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Call your local humane society, and see if they can help you pay to get her to a vet. She needs to be seen. I can't say for sure what is wrong, but something is defiantly not right. Also, call your vet, and see if they have a payment option, and if you can work something out. Good luck. Keep us posted.

Ace answered on 7/5/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I agree please contact your local humane society!! also sue your neighbors or whoever did this abuse when you were not there. The humane society or your state/local animal police should be able to help in the case! take many pictures and also DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG OUTSIDE UNSUPERVISED ANYMORE!!!
HOPE ALL goes well and please post an update asap!!! i would like 2 know what happened to your abusive neighbors!!

Pasha answered on 7/6/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer