I am overwhelmed and I think over kenneling puppy. I cannot train all day and I have 3 kids. how long is too long in ken

Golden Retreiver Pyrenees mix. 5Months old. Kennelled lots, messes in house still, done two rounds puppy classes, responds very well. Over rambunctious with guests at house, wont stop jumping up. Has no recall yet. I WANT a dog so badly, but I cannot spend most of the day training. Is it her age, is it what i am doing or not doing? She often is un-motivated by food... HELP. I dont trust her in our house to roam.... ?

Asked by Member 1172411 on May 28th 2013 in Jumping Up
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Boo Radley

I have a puppy who was VERY difficult to potty train. Part of it is the age, but part of it is understanding why and how to properly crate train your dog. It's not an obedience issue. Your dog is not being disobedient by peeing in the house, s/he simply doesn't know any better. Jumping is another issue entirely, but crating your puppy or using a baby gate when you know you'll have visitors will be a step toward curbing their excited jumping response. Here is an in-depth look at the proper way to go about crate training, the appropriate time to keep them crated, and why: . Make sure to read through the entire post, as it is imperative to be consistent with any training process. And TRUST ME, it won't happen immediately. But if you're patient and consistent then it will work. Just remember, s/he's worth it!

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