I am needing advise. I have a place in my yard that over the years has washed out and when it rains stands in water.

About 2-3 in. Where do you think the dogs go 1st during and after the rain??? There is a building there and the low area makes an L shape side to front. Side is about 5 ft wide to 7 ft long and front is about 5ft wide and 7 ft long. I am told filling with dirt won’t help. Some say dig a ditch. I have a 4ft fence to block them but they decided they could get over that…..getting to the grass and frogs! Anyway, would the cloth to stop grass from growing with land timbers and rocks work? Maybe dig the ditch and cover with the paper and rocks? HELP!

Asked by Willow on Mar 30th 2012 Tagged yard in Dogs and a Clean Home
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