I am looking for an apartment in the new haven CT area that will allow pitbulls. Please help me

Asked by Member 1092442 on Feb 15th 2012 Tagged breedrestrictionsinct in Breed-Specific Legislation
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Check out these sites to look for your new apartment that are dog friendly -

Remember, just because the apartment is dog friendly does not mean that it is open to all dog breeds. There could be only certain breeds that are allowed or only certain sizes that are allowed. Call or e-mail the landlord or meet up with the landlord of the apartments with your pit bull and show him/her how behaved your dog is/how loving they can be. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Educate them on the breed, ask them if they would consider removing the ban on the breed after you educate them properly on pit bulls. Look in your local newspaper and home magazines for apartments near you, call the ones you like and ask them what breeds they do and don't allow.

Good luck!

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