I accidentally stepped on my dog's paw and he yelped. I'm not a heavy person, but I know I hurt him. :(

Yesterday my 7-month old Bouvier and I were crossing a busy intersection and in trying to keep him close to me so he wouldn't jump at other people, I accidentally stepped on his rear paw. He yelped, which was obviously a sign that I hurt him. Last night he started limping and he's still doing it. He allows us to touch his paw, it's only when he walks that he's favoring that leg. Because I'm an unexperienced dog owner, my question is: Should I take him to the vet right away or see if his sore paw heals on its own? Am I incredibly worried without a real reason?

I know no one has a crystal ball to be able to give me a definitive answer, but I wonder if this happens on a reasonably frequent occasion. I've given him an aspirin for the pain (vet's recommendation on another occasion). I took him to the dog park and some more experienced dog owners tell me they think he seems fine because he's running. They tell me I should wait at least a day before I take him to the vet. Would this be OK?

Asked by Arnold on Feb 6th 2013 Tagged limp, puppy, sorepaw in Health & Safety
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I would wait, personally. Dogs are quite tough..I have stepped on mine, tripped over them, accidentally stubbed my toe on them. You feel awful, but they forgive..& hopefully develop a sense of awareness of space.
You checked him over & I assume there is no damage to his pad or nails. Now...there is a possibility if you stepped on his paw as he was trying to step that he may have strained a tendon....but that is remote.
I would watch him. If there is swelling, or the lameness increases, take him in. If he loses appetite or becomes lethargic..get him in ASAP.

answered on Feb 6th.

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