human medicine you can give dog

What human medications can you safely give a 35 lb dog. My vet charged me $14 for 4 pills that are anti inflamitory. I have seen low dose asprin 81 mg in the Jeffers pet catalog alot cheaper than that.

Asked by Member 1091896 on Feb 13th 2012 Tagged medication in Medications
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What did he prescribe? There are some medications from the vet that are a combination of anti-inflammatory and pain med. I have given my dogs baby aspirin in the past. Dogs are also tolerant of benadryl and low dose tylenol. Guess it just depends what you're looking to do.While I understand wanting to save money - its important to know why your vet is giving a particular med and what it does. Straying from that can have unwanted consequences.

Bella answered on 2/13/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Tylenol is NOT safe for dogs as they metabolize it differently from humans and it will destroy their livers.
Even baby aspirin can cause intestinial bleeds in dogs and should be avoided if at all possible. Most NSAIDS for dogs ARE formulated differently from human meds since dogs digestive systems are so much different from humans and are sensitive to different drug activity.
I would ask your vet to give you a prescription and then order the drugs from some place online like pet med or a place like that.
Perhaps your vet will price match if he knows you are going to order them elsewhere, my vet will do that if you ask for a written prescription.

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If you're wanting an anti-inflammatory supplement, I highly recommend giving Traumeel tablets by (Heel). I take these and so do my dogs. My dog had really bad arthritis, so bad that we were fixing to put him down because he could barely walk on his own and when I started giving him Traumeel tablets by (Heel) he can walk and run on all fours with no problem.

Curcumin and yucca are also great supplements that would be great anti-inflammatory supplements. Yucca by Nature's Way and Curcumin by Life Extension are both great products, highly recommend them.

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