How to teach my dog to play fetch with with something other than sticks?

I have recently adopted a border collie cross Staffy. She is 4 and is a clever, beautifully natured dog. she loves to play fetch, however only with sticks. When we get to the park the first thing she does is look for a stick and then wait for me to throw it. However, nearly every day she ends up cutting her mouth by chewing them and the other day she ended up with a rather nasty gash under her tongue because of one! This hasn't stopped her love for sticks though!
I've tried taking balls to the park and throwing those instead, but she just completely ignores them and finds herself a stick! I tried a petstix but again she didn't want it. Have tried rope toys and stuffed toys too but still no interest in anything other than sticks!
How do i teach her to fetch other toys instead?

Asked by Member 1063546 on Oct 15th 2011 Tagged sticks, stick, fetch, train, training in Methods of Training
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You should first teach how to play fetch in you house with a toy maybe even a toy with a treat in side. When you go to the park keep your atention on her. Have a ball or toy and treats, show her what you have then she may get interested. Show her that if you go and get the toy you get a treat or even just pet her for it. When she goes for a stick say NO and pull her away from it. You don't want to let her out of your sight.

Snickers answered on 10/15/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer