How to teach my Boston Terrier to "come?"

It seems to be that my Boston (5 months old) will come to me in the house(for the most part) on the "come" command, but when we are outside she will not listen. Probably 1 out of 5 times she goes out she will actually listen and follow the command. Any ideas on how to help with this. Thanks!

Asked by Member 660370 on Jul 24th 2008 Tagged training, come, commands, bostonterrier in Commands
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Some great reading info on training a reliable recall:

Kolbe answered on Jul 24th.

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I learned how to use this command in a puppy training class. I recommend training your pup outside, it makes them have to focus more on YOU than all the distractions that may be surrounding her. Also make sure you have plenty of food with you while training--most pups are food-motivated, trust me. Let your pup wander around outside while you pretend to be distracted with something. Then, when your dog's not facing you, say her name and if she looks at you say a "good" word such as 'yes' or 'good'. Quickly hold a little treat out to your pup and she'll walk over to you and get it. She'll learn that if she makes eye contact with you she'll get rewarded. After she gets used to the name-calling, start saying her name than immediately say 'Come'. If she looks at you, reward her with food and lots of praise. Dogs do learn fast, so she'll know that if she hears her name and/or the 'Come' command, she'll get rewards. Over time, start depending less on the treats and just use praise.Good luck!

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