How to stop our German Shepherd from barking while riding in our SUV's

I have a Toyota 4Runner and my husband has a Nisson suv, and initially did not have a problem taking our adopted 4 1/2 yr old Shepherd for rides. One day, a couple of months after we go him, my husband was bringing Schultz back from the dog park and he started barking; would only stop when the truck stopped.
This has continued in both of our trucks; I tried a covered crate (didn't work). Our trainer suggested darkening the windows, along with stopping the truck, taking him out, walk around, put him back and start over each time, but we both have bad knees and backs and it's too much. We tried partially darkning the back windows in my husbands truck, but the dog has torn up the carpets and back seats down to the metal.
He does have anxiety issues and is on Prozac 20mg in am and Melatonin at bedtime.
We are at our wits end; we have a camper and used to take our previous dog with us, but have not even gone camping this summer, as we don't want to board him.

Asked by Schultz on Oct 16th 2011 Tagged barking, cars, trucks in Barking
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