How to socialize my 5.5yr old shar-pei?

My 5.5yr old shar-pei Bruno is a wonderful dog. He is very affectionate and playful with myself and my immediate family; however, when I take him for walks or when he runs into my neighbors in the hall (I live in a condo) or other dogs he gets very agressive and protective. People want to pet him anyway, so I say let him sniff you, do not try to touch him and when you do, pet his back. He will sniff and sometimes mouth at them (he likes to lick people sometimes) and I am afraid people will assume he is going to bite them. I know I should have socialized him better as a puppy, but living in a house with a yard, he didn't see many other dogs. I am not sure how to make him more "friendly" without losing his protective instinct as I do live alone. THoughts?

Asked by Bruno on Feb 26th 2009 in Socialization
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Zackintosh CJ

A good book to read is The Power Of Positive Dog Training by Pat Miller. Gives you all sorts of training info plus how to socialize an older dog.
A dog will know when to protect and when to be friendly. Socialize as best you can, he will still be protective and be able to distinguish from normal circumstances and when something is wrong.

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