How to restrain a Maltese while grooming?

How can I get my little Maltese Maddie to hold still while I brush and comb her? She hates having her face, ears and tail groomed, it has to be done or she will mat. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I sure would appreciate any help. I love her so much and am gentle with her while grooming! Oh and bathing Maddie is like bathing a cat! LOL I am as wet as she is by the time were through. Maddie is 14 months old, I've had her sence she was 7-weeks old, very young..I don't think the mother had time to teach her discipline.


Asked by Maddie on Oct 2nd 2007 in Home Grooming
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Maddie is very cute.

I agree that seven weeks was too young for her to have been able to learn very much from her mom. In this case, though, I think that doesn't really have any effect on the situation; she wouldn't be groomed by her mom in the same way she's groomed by a us and she's unsure of how to react and she's scared.

First, never ask her to "come" for a bath or a grooming session. You never want your dog to associate "come" with anything other than love, fun and cookies!

Go through all the motions of the grooming during a time when she's relaxed and playing with you, or sitting in your lap while you're watching tv or even at the park in your lap. Give her plenty of praise and cookies (better yet, some new treat like baked chicken or apple or something tasty and great.)

After you've done this a few times, use the brush, and do the same thing. Then, work your way up to the bath, giving lots of treats.

She might never love it, but she might tolerate it better!

Jack answered on Oct 2nd.

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