how to remove bandaid on the dog without riping the hair out.

My dog was bitten by anthoer dog at the park yesterday. I cleaned the wound with water and paroxide. I later put some neosporin on the go and covered it with a bandaid. My dog keeps on licking the bandaid. How do i get the bandaid off without riping the hair out and how can i see if its infected. PLEASE HELP

Asked by Member 940720 on Jan 24th 2010 in Health & Wellness
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Well, if your dog has longer fur, and manage to pull the bandaid up enough to slide scissors in there to cut the fur SAFELY without cutting the skin or touching the wound with the scissors, then you can do that.

If he has short hair, you can use neosporin to coat the bandaid and make it soft enough to slide off. It might take a while of rubbing the bandaid, but at least it won't pull at the wound.

I would take him to the vet and get him checked out. Dog bites almost always get infected. It's just one of those things that happens; dog teeth have a lot of bacteria in them and that gets introduced deep into the wound and then infection sets in. The vet can make sure the wound is healing ok and give you some antibiotics.

In the future, don't use peroxide on a wound. It abrades the skin at a microscopic level and ends up pushing the bacteria further and deeper into the skin though those abrasions. It seems like you're doing a good thing by cleaning it, but you can make it worse.

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Jax (earned her wings 5/30/12)

I would carefully pull it off going in the direction of the grain of the hair if your dog has short hair. If its long hair, I would cut the hair off around it and then do the same as if it was short hair. You won't be able to avoid some hair loss.

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You can coat it with peanut butter & let the dog lick it off. Watch him closely so he does not eat it. PB also works for pine sap & sticky matts. If you clean the wound once with peroxide, you should not need a vet visit. Unless the wound is extremely deep, let it air heal. the dog will keep it clean.The signs of infection would be pus, foul smell, heat in the limb around the wound, dog not eating. If you see these signs then a vet visit would be warranted. Vet wrap is a good thing to have in your K9 firs-taid kit for the future.

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