How to potty train a chihuahua?

I have a three year old chihuahua. She is crate trained (we use this for sleeping only). We let her out as soon as we wake up (8 am), after breakfast (8:30-9 a.m.), when I get home from work (3 p.m.), after dinner (6 p.m.), and then before bed (10-11 p.m.) She not only pottys in the house but she does it RIGHT in front of us. At night, she holds it in her crate and has NO problems. Why does she do it in the daytime? We let her out a lot and she still prefers to potty indoors... we even have potty pads (one in the living room and one in our bedroom) but she goes as far away from them as possible. How can I correct this behavior? She is starting to make my shih-tzu puppy start to do the same thing (he is fully potty trained but see's she does it and is starting to think it's okay to go inside).

Asked by Member 255686 on Nov 29th 2008 Tagged chihuahua, potty, training, housebreaking, housetraining in House Soiling
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Gray Dawn Treader

Sounds to me like she doesn't know it's bad if she does it in front of you.
Here's a very helpful video:

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This article directly answers your question about potty training your dog

(Go to the Article Directory, article no. 9)

I suggest you create a low fence around the crate so that your dog will not mess up your house.
Something like this dog owner LIVE Webcam of his very cute puppies:


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Our chi's actually have a cat door but we tought them by scolding them when they wet inside and we tought them to go through the door by holding a treat on the other side hope this helps

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The Wee Beasties

Chis can be very stubborn to potty train but it can be done. Be sure you're using a stain and odor remover with enzymes that break down the scent - even if you can see or smell it, she can. Use a blacklight to find the areas that need to be treated - they'll glow.

Do not allow her free reign of the house - keep her crated when you can't keep her in your sight. Take her outside and wait for her to go then praise and treat her with super-yummy treats like bits of cheese or chicken...something she LOVES but only gets when she goes potty outside. Soon she'll look forward to going outside to potty.

If you live somewhere cold, it might be good to create an indoor potty area with grass (sod and a kitty litter pan work great) and teach her to go there if she simply won't go outside. The noise of the potty pads might scare her she should be used to grass by now.

Good luck!

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When I poo poo in the house, Iget spanked then Nana takes me and my poop outside. When I do remember to go potty outside I get tlots and lots of praise and a yummy treat immediately (Nana doesn't wait till I get inside, I guess she thinks I'll forget what I did that was good). Sometimes when Nana and Papou aren't paying enough attention to me, I hike my leg and pee right in front of them, THAT gets their attention

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