How to Indoor train my Chi-Weenie on a UGODOG

We live in a apartment and both me and my wife work full-time. We recently got an indoor potty with UGODOG.

She is crate training, we put her in her crate at night which is on a tile area along with the UGODOG which is opposite her crate. She still has accidents on the floor but sometimes hits the UGODOG. we have a small apartment so we let her loose in just the living room where we can see and move the UGODOG to the our balcony door. Because she seems to be making progress in the area more so

The issue we have at this moment a week in is she will go on the UGODOG and then we praise and treat her. But then 30 minutes later she'll have accidents on the floor near it and another in another area of the living room. How to we get her to be consistent? Is she getting it or just wanting to get treats?

She is like 40% on the UGODOG and 60 on floor most days. We think when she wants treats she goes on it and when she doesnt she goes on the floor. Could this be it or should we keep at it?

Asked by Khaleesi on Apr 9th 2012 Tagged housebreaking, puppies, indoor, help in Housebreaking
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First of, what a cutie for sure!!!!! My Louis did the same thing with his pee pads all over the kitchen, about 5 of them. He would go everywhere but. He finally started to use them when we would not let him off the pads until he peed then we rewarded with a treat. It took us about a month. We now have only one pad by the terrace door and he goes there or outside, but comes in for his treat. Patience is a must, I know it hard, it drove me nuts. Floor was destroyed ( marble) but can be re polished.

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