how to Get the dog to come back inside, and not runaway from me?

Shaggy is a 9 mth old shih tzu.
he just now started Crate training, he is getting better. Sometimes when we dont realize it he gets out of the house and starts running, we try to call him but he ignores and keeps running.
What can we do, so when we take him out for potty, he comes back in?

Asked by Shaggy on Apr 28th 2010 in Behavior & Training
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I'm going to answer both your questions with the same answer because the problems have the same solution.
Dogs are not born trained. It is up to us to train them to come when they are called and to stop when they are told. At nine months, it is late, but it is never too late. Your best bet is to enroll Shaggy in a good basic obedience class. Here you will learn the basics of teaching your dog to listen to you and to come when called. There isn't enough space here to cover everything, but the basics are that every time Shaggy runs off and you call him and he doesn't come, he is learning that you have no way of enforcing your commands, and should he possibly decide to come, he will get yelled at or worse. He needs to be kept on a leash to prevent him from running off in the first place. Then, he needs positive rewards for coming when he is called, still on the leash. Add a longer leash, and continue to call him and treat him when he comes. Only when he is 100% sorry, out of spa

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I have a diary entry (Mar '09) on tips for working towards a bullet proof recall.

Other ideas: Have Shaggy on a leash for a little bit in the house as you move about, so he gets used to being with you. Make it positive and acknowledge him as he moves with you (no critique), and praise and treat occasionally when he gives you a positive behavior. Keep a collar on him all day in case he gets loose (micro chipping is a good idea). Have all house members (kids and adults) remember to look where Shaggy is before opening the door (coming and going). Teach him to sit at the door before leaving.

My fav puppy book is My Smart Puppy by Brian Kilcommons and Sara Wilson and includes a DVD demonstrating techniques. The book covers basics from potty training, beginning obedience (e.g. sit, down) to some manners as well (e.g. "leave it").

Puppies need short, frequent walks and play time to expend energy and learn about their surroundings and bond w/you.

It gets easier if you work hard as a puppy

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First off you should put your dog on a leash while it potties. And I agree with the other poster that dogs aren't born trained and knowing what you mean when you yell for your dog to come...I wish it were that easy lol try this in these steps to get your dog to come running to you everytime.
1. Buy a cheap whistle
2. Blow the whistle at random times of the day in your house. Give your dog a treat everytime
3. Eventually your dog will come running to you when he hears the whislte.
4. Start practicing outside but don't bring your dog back inside on the first whistle. Make it random so your dog doesn't get a negative feeling towards the whistle blowing, "Aw man, that means I have to go back in. I ain't comin." Give your dog a treat for coming then allow him to go back and play for a while longer. praise, praise, praise! good luck with everything

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