How to break up a pit bull fight and stop the behavior.

I have 2 female pits. One 80 lb unspayed and one 45 lb spayed. The got into a couple fights in the past, but in the last couple weeks it has become frequent with both of them starting it at times. My husband has been bit twice breaking them up. They do not bite and hold but they are rolling and biting all over and drawing serious blood.

Does the Citrus spray work or what is best. They are inside when it happens.


Asked by Chassy on Sep 25th 2008 Tagged fighting, bullybreeds, pitbulls in Aggression
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The problem could arise because they are both females, but it is more likely that the issue here is you and your husband - not your dogs. I am not sure what you would use the citrus spray for because if your dogs are attacking each other, you need to take the matter seriously, especially since your husband has been a victim here. If they are inside, keep them on a leash at all times. You have control of one, and your husband the other. What usually starts the fight? Is there food involved? Space issues? Keep the dogs together, but don't allow them to get near each other without your consent. Do you walk them at all? Walking dogs together will help them to build a pack bond, but ONLY if you are the leader. Because you have let them fight in the past, you have given up that position, and that is why they continue to do this. If one dog goes after the other, pull on the leash and make her lay and calm down. They must both submit to you and your husband. Please msg me word count is limited

Sergeant answered on 9/25/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


I absolutely agree with the previous answer. You want to think prevention and the leashes work. Just don't leave them unsupervised with them on. If you can't trust them not to fight when you are not home, put them in seperate rooms before you leave.

Practice some basic leadership in the home as well. ANYTHING the dogs want, they must do an obedience command for:

Mealtime? They must sit first, first dog to sit gets fed first. Block the other dog from the food bowl until it's her turn. Don't free-feed.

Dogs want outdoors? Sit first. Make them wait until your release command before they can exit the house.

Dog wants to play? She should never ask YOU for play. It should always be on your terms. You keep the toys. You decide when to play. Make them sit before throwing a ball, etc.

If you can't go on a long walk, go for a shorter walk and then play fetch in the yard to wear the dogs out. Or tug works so long as the dogs can "drop it" on cue and you always end with the rope.

Maya answered on 9/26/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Mocha Bear (Mokie), VGG, KPA,

The best way to break up a dog fight is to use the "wheelbarrow" technique. If you have two people, each of you should go to a different dog, grab the back legs above the knee, and pull the dogs apart (make sure you grab above the knee) "Wheelbarrow" the dogs away from each other at an angle.

After a dog fight, it may take days or even a week for the natural hormone levels in the body to return to normal. During this time period, there is a heightened risk for a repeat of the incident.

Female on female aggression between housemates is often the worst. Is there a reason your 80 lb pit is not spayed? Two female pits in the same house together should be altered, IMO.

Due to the nature of the severity and the quickly escalating frequency of the aggressive incidents, I do feel as though it wouldn't be a bad idea to call in a behaviorist who is experienced with these types of issues.

I also think a full med evaluation including a thyroid panel may be beneficial.

Mocha Bear (Mokie), VGG, KPA, answered on 10/1/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


i do not agree with the "Wheelbarrel" form. i have seen it done on pitbulls a few times and it didnt work. they use their jaw with great power. but u said they do not latch on so maybe the Wheelbarrel will work for you. but if they do latch on try throwing water in their face if not have some one grab one dog and you the other, grab them under their front legs (by the rib area) lift both dogs off the ground, hold their heads in place-this will cause them not to pull or rip at eachother-they are in the air so they have no where to go and no direction to pull- as soon as they unclench their jaws you pull away-from-i have seen the Dog Whisperer and he has very good forms of rehabilitating animals and they seem to work- take your dogs out for walks long ones for pitbulls are highlevel energy dogs-when they are together keep them with muzzels-i totally agree with answer #1- they need to be a pack and if you are not the leader then they will constantly fight 2be it. establish yourself as #1

Tookie answered on 10/3/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


i was watching dog whisperer and he said the best way to break up a pitbull fight is by picking both dogs up and just let them hold eachother until they decide to let.A clients dog attacked his dog and they started biteing eachother and it was crazy so he pickied up one dog and his friend picked up another and they just held them there until the dogs let go of eachother then he brought them in the gate together so they could make up with eachother or something like that.Im not sure if you should do that.Since they are females they are going to fight alot unless they figure out you are the boss female dogs are like that and are grudge holders.It is not 100 percent your fault pitbulls even though they can be trained to be awesome dogs still have that tiny bit of dog aggression in them.The dog whisperer said so himself his pitbull is a great dog and likes other dogs too but he sometimes needs to be reminded he cannot try to fight with another dog.

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