How soon can dogs get pregnant?

My husband and I left our 2 two female dogs with my aunt over the weekend with her two male dogs and I didn't even think that they could get pregnant until we where already out of town. I have a 8 month old boxer/mix and a 6 month old pit. My pit and my aunts are brother and sister so I didn't think that would be a problem but the other male it about 7 months old. Now my boxer is getting to friendly with our other dog. Shes never done this before and i'm very worried. I'm pregnant myself and can't handle having my new baby and new puppies too.

Asked by Adeline on Feb 24th 2009 Tagged pregnant, months in Behavior & Training
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Your dogs are old enough to get pregnant. They can have puppies anywhere from the age of 6 months and beyond. (However, just because they can have puppies that young doesn't mean they should. Breeding such a young dog has many extra risks involved. But that's a whole other ball park.)

Depending on when they may have bred, it may not be too late to have the females taken to the vet for a mis-mate shot. If it is, you can always have an abort-spay done on them.

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They can get pregnant as soon as they are in their 1st heat cycle....A male dog can reproduce as young as 5 months old...& the pits being brother & sister makes NO difference at all...They will still breed if she is in season & that is dangerous as the pups are very often unhealthy & suffer birth defects.
The best thing you can do to ensure there are no pups is to have your females spayed A.S.A.P.!
It is better for their health & will ensure you do not add to an overpopulated dog world where dogs are being put down in shelters everyday for lack of homes.

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Just get the dogs fixed and be done with it. You're going to go through this whole scenario again if your female dogs are around a male dog and aren't watched every second. But, why risk it and why would anyone want the headache that comes with having dogs intact?
Also, ask your aunt to get her dogs fixed too and that way all of the dogs and can play and frolic around and no one has to worry about whether the dogs will get pregnant.
It'll cost you less to get the dogs spayed than it will to feed all of those pups and get them their first round of shots.

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Take it from me...I experienced this recently as a foster of 2 pups, a male 4-5 mos. and his female sister (or mother?) 1 yr., strays found over the holidays. I didn't know at what age the male is ready or when the female goes into heat, so I thought we'd wait to S/N both until his testes dropped at about 6 mos. I was wondering if it was a good idea to crate them together until one night when I noticed that playing became humping - and they were stuck! I also realized that she was in heat and actually inviting him to play and hump, so I kept them separate from then on and got them S/Nd right away. As a foster, I definitely don't want to produce anymore puppies. With your three young ones, you probably don't either. N prevents undesirable behaviors, and as the person above said, S removes the pregnancy. Aside from all the unwanted pups out there, it's also unhealthy to produce so young...but as I learned, they'll do it, no matter the age or relation! So don't wait to S/N.

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Why aren't all these dogs spayed and neutered?

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You need to get these dogs fixed because they are of breeding age. Dogs don't care if they are brother and sister, they have no social morals. Please fix them ASAP

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