how should i groom my yorkiepoo

I have a 1 year old yorkiepoo. His hair is so wild i am not sure how to maintain it so it doesn't look messy and matted all the time. I had them cut him kind of schnauzerlike once but the kids made me promise to never again. Is there a standard for grooming yorkiepoos?

Asked by Member 815186 on Mar 13th 2009 Tagged standard, matted, messy in Professional Grooming
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Miss Priss

Hello - you can groom him at home once he has some style - what I mean by that is : Take him to a groomer and have them do a puppy cut....short/ As he grows in you will be able to work on him. You will need to work on the coat daily or evey other day to get rid of the knotts. Here are some tools that you can buy to keep him less matted.

Miss Priss answered on 3/14/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I have a Yorkiepoo and find that using Isle of Dogs grooming products really helps to detangle and keep my Dog Delilah's hair looking beautiful! They have a great coature line that I like to use with all sorts of products that specialize in the types of hair and skin problems that can spring on with dogs. The lady that I have talked to there that helped me with the very same issues you're talking about with my Yorkiepoo's hair is Monica you can call her at 262-292-2276. I also found Isle on Facebook and saw they have a new line in Petco called Everyday. I haven't tired it yet but from what I am reading on facebook people are really liking it and all there products really! Do let me know if it helps you like it did Delilah and good luck!

Delilah answered on 11/11/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer