How should I get my puppy to sleep for longer periods at night?

My boyfriend and I just adopted a little lab mix girl. She is 6 weeks old and was not cared for very well at the shelter we got her from.She is very skinny and tiny.She does not like to eat. The vet prescibed some wet food for her that has extra fat and protien but it has been a struggle for her to eat that.advice?
Other then that she is a playful pup and loves to cuddle. She seems to be slightly fearful of new things but she has been moved around alot and hasnt had alot of consistency.
Other then her eating issue our main problem is sleeping.Right now she sleeps in a play pen.Piddle Pads on one side and bed and blanets on the other. I am so confused whether this is ok or crate training is better!She cries for hours if I dont go in and pick her up. She tries to nibble on me for a minute then goes right to sleep!I dont know whether I should just ignore her since she has a place to go potty or go cuddle her?I dont want to encourage bad behavior but she wakes up 10 times a night

Asked by Member 1012107 on Nov 16th 2010 Tagged sleeptime, behavior, eating, weekoldpup, cratetraining, lonely in Other Behavior & Training
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Usually Lab puppies are greedy little things eating all they get and looking for more. None of our 18 were slow to eat at first, but it is possible it has been through too much and will eat better before long. Also at that age it should only need about 1 1/2 cups of food.

For housebreaking, see

6 weeks is a little early to go home, but better than too late. Don't expect her to sleep through the night at that age. For at least the next several weeks, she will need at least one trip out over night.

The period between 6-12 weeks is a dangerous time. One sniff where a sick dog relieved itself in the last 6 months can bring on parvo or another life threatening disease. Fail to expose it to strangers, including men, women, children, noise, etc. and you could end up with a misfit you can't take out in public. They also need continuing contact with other dogs, but it must be limited to ones you know are getting good care.

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A 6 week old puppy is going to have to get up a lot during the night. Crate training is best for keeping a puppy safe and confined. I suggest that you keep a leash next to the crate. When she whines, take her out of the crate, but only on the leash. Don't let her do anything but go potty. If she doesn't go to the bathroom, then take her back to the crate. If she does, praise and reward, but then she is to go back to the crate.
Keep everything comfy for her. Blankets or a bed are best, along with some durable toys. You can leave on some soft, quiet music or keep a calmly clicking tock next to her crate for soothing.
Don't pick her up and cuddle her. This will only encourage the crying.

As for the eating, I would talk to the vet about it. If she is so skinny and small, then she needs the proper amount of food and the right kind to feed. Good luck!

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Just like human babies, you ofen have to get up in the middle of the nite to take care of them. As the puppy gets older, she should get to the point she sleeps through the nite. I would make sure if she gets you up in the middle of the nite that you take her outside. that way maybe she will get the idea if she crys she goes outside. Also have you tryed putting a radio in the room with the puppy, best talk radio so there are voices n allo nite. Maybe this will help to not get up so much during the nite. I wish you the best, and i bet she does get better for you soon.

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She's very young for potty training so as long as the play pen is large enough and you clean up right away it's okay for another 2 weeks.

She's cold, lonely, scared and I hope hungry. She hasn't had any schedule at all and won't be able to keep one for 2 more weeks. She will find it comforting if you have her sleep near you or on you so she is warm and hears a heartbeat.

In 2 weeks you can worry about making her grow up. For now, she's a baby, give her what she needs.

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A rule of thumb regarding potty intervals for young puppies and dogs is that they should not be expected to hold their bladder for longer than their age in months plus one. Therefore a two month old puppy should be taken out every couple of hours and three is a maximum!
I have met inexperienced new owners who expect their pup to not pee in his crate all day while they are away at work. These are truly babies and need to be cared for as such. Don't put them in situations over which they have no control and might lead to behavioral problems.

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Ok, first of all they should not have let u take her home at only 6 weeks! She needed at least two more... not your fault. But that could definatly contribute to the problems your having. I personally am very against 'piddle pads' You don't want her to get used to peein in her crate its a dirty and bad habit. She has a extremely small bladder, so for one I suggest taking her water away about 2 hours before bed time. She will scream in her crate, she hates it and isn't used to it but thats tough. The more you go in there and hold her and coddle her the more she'll scream because she knows thats how she can get u to come see her. If she wakes up ten times a night, take her out. Don't run over to the crate and make cooing happy sounds, just be silet, put her on a leash and take her out and once she pees outside praise her to death and put her right back in the crate, but don't make a scene while doing it. It may take a few weeks but I promise she'll get settled eventually.

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Oh a 6week old is tough...I'm so sorry!
I agree with a kennel or crate, radio, and get her a stuffed animal about her size (preferably one that is mostly puppy-proof! But 6-week olds probably won't rip a stuffed toy into shreds) you will find her snuggling with it when she sleeps. You will (sadly) have to ignore most of the crying, but you can make it a safe place too. Giving her something (puppy kong with peanut butter?) to chew on, and feeding her in the kennel will help her get used to it. Wake yourself up every couple of hours to take her potty (on a lead).
Keep talking with your vet about feeding and such, we can't help you much here. You may try "beefing it up" with some chicken broth that she will REALLY like the taste of, or warm it up. That may help her eat.

Good luck! You will be fine, it's just a rough road with a baby that tiny!

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