How often should i bathe my dog? I bathe her once a week normally..

Is this too much?

Asked by Member 1032479 on May 1st 2011 in Puppies
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Dogs should only be bathed when they certainly need to be cleaned..if there dirty or something like bathe them a lot they can get dandruff/dry skin which is not usally healthy for them...

if you want to bathe your dog do it once every other 2-3weeks each month...get good dog shampoo, vets or dog groomers can give you some of the bestest shampoo they have

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I have poodles and all mine are bathed at least once a week when in show coat and every two weeks when not.
Use a mild, conditioning shampoo and MAKE SURE ALL THE SHAMPOO IS WELL RINSED!!
The biggest problem with dry skin from bathing is not rinsing well enough. We have dogs come in for grooming all the time whose owners bathe at home. MANY times these dogs will have soap foam running off them as we wet them down to begin shampooing... obviously they were not well rinsed!
A followup rinse with some white vinegar in the water will help ensure there is no shampoo left.

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I bathe Libby every 6 weeks during the winter and about once a month in warmer weather unless she gets dirty, usually by digging holes or laying in the mud. Sigh. Any more frequently than that and she gets dry skin. We like TropiClean shampoo, which is oatmeal based and soap-free. Because she's double-coated, we do A LOT of rinsing.

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depends on the dog and shampoo.
I wouldn't bathe my particular dog that much. But, I do bathe two smooth coats more often. I use organic shampoos those seem to be not as harsh and drying. good luck.

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No, that's not too much at all. As long as you are using a good shampoo then it's fine.

I used to bathe my dogs once a week and they always looked great, never had a dry coat or anything.

I use these shampoos -

Natural and organic shampoos are the best to use.

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What kind of dog doyou have; where do they slepp at night? are they outdoors a lot? The answers to these questions will help get the answer.

I have a Maltipoo he gets bathed about 1 every two weeks. He goes to the groomer almost every two weeks and gets bathed. If he misses the groomer he gets a bath at home with a good oatmeal soap and rinsed very well. He is allowed to airdry and then gets brushed. If he gets muddy (because he likes to dig) or just smells bad (he like sto sleep in bed with me) he gets a bath. If he starts to scratch I found a leave in conditioner tath i can spray on massage in and brush his coat. It seems to help a lot.

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I dont think Its to much. During the summer we give my moms dog a bath about that often to. She loves to play out side so of course she is gunna get stinky or dirty from being in the grass or dirt. As long as you rinse really well and have a good doggy shampoo your dog should be fine. Though I know some dogs skin can be overly sensitive so I would still make sure that the doggy shampoo doesnt give your dog dry skin or anything. So go ahead if you wanna bathe your dog that often I know alot of dogs that feel great after their baths and love to run and get so hyper after and they look great. Good luck

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I may get some flak here but personally I feel that bathing a dog regularly, under most circumstances, is unnecessary and harmful. It strips away the natural protection in the fur and skin. If bathed often the dog will then constantly require it.

My 11 year old mix was bathed maybe twice in her life. She was a house pet, active in the woods, lakes, and streams and was never dirty or had any odor. She even had her own human bed. Clean as a whistle. :-)

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