how often does my dog have to have a heart worm shot

Asked by Member 505559 on Sep 21st 2007 in Heartworm Control
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first it depends Where you live - on the west coast you never give heartworm shots. If a part of the country that has infestations. If your dog is not in misquito area, you can either Use the Sentianl pill which is once a month tablet. which is also for fleas. Since I'm on the W.Coast The only time a the heart worm meds are given are IF A dog has heartworm Normally the dog fcame from another part of the country. But these meds are Pills Not shots. If there is a vaccine out, The best source would be a Veterinarian that you trust. Also you may want to check in your area with a Homeopathic Vet. Sometimes there are Non Chemical of Drug ways to prevent Fleas & Misquitos. Mom has some great links which may help you
if you go here On the left it says Find a Holistic vet, click it on and put your state or zip code and it will list vets who use allot of more natural or homeapathic types of solution. Drugs can be dangerous U R welcome to rite me. Deja

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I agree with the other post - shots are normally associated after a diagnosis has been made that a dog has heartworms, pills are normally associated with prevention. We're we are, it's just safer to give a once a month pill as a prevention technique. In places like South Texas, it feels inevitable that a dog will get heartworms, if without prevention, with as many misquitoes as there are there.

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