how much should i feed a 9 month old, 55 lb lab

Asked by Member 1006450 on Oct 3rd 2010 Tagged feedingamounts in Other Food & Nutrition
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Any kind of dr og food likescience diet would be great.

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It depends on what food you are feeding. If you are feeding a grain-free, high protein puppy food such as Orijen or Acana you will feed less than a lower quality food with a lot of fillers such as corn (Purina, Ol' Roy) It also depends on how active your puppy is. If he is super active he will need more than if he is only getting a short walk. Use the guidelines on the bag as a starting point. If you feed the recommended amount & the dog is gaining too much weight, cut back. If he is not gaining weight at an appropriate rate, then feed a bit more. Check out the thread in the Food & Nutrition Forum "So You Are Confused About Dog Food." Sedona has put together a comprehensive post regarding a variety of foods.

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Every dog is unique and so are their dietary needs.

If you are feeding your dog a high quality food like Orijen, Instinct, Taste of the Wild you will feed your dog less. That being said not all dogs do well on super high protein foods so there are some with grain that are good like Prairie and Holistic Select.

I don't recommend foods like Science Diet as they are full of by products and fillers like corn and cellulose.

If your lab is getting good exercise and is healthy about 3 cups a day would suffice @55lbs. 1.5 cups in the morning and the other half in the evening.

You'll be able to tell by the weight of your dog. You should be able to feel the ribs when stroking their sides. Healthy dogs are not overweight.

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Every dog is a little different just like every human. We all require something a bit different to maintain a healthy weight. It depends on genetics, exercise, and so much!
Remember to feed at the same time every day and use the guideline on the food bag as just that-A Guideline. It is normally set a little high. For good measure you should start with 1/2 the amount to 3/4 it says and adjust accordingly.
Mom recommends checking out
They have a great large breed formula for big pups like you with special growing needs! The food is rich in protein, has a meat source as the first ingredient and is free of ground yellow corn, artificial colors, preservatives, and no chicken by product meal! They use lots of ingredients that are high in antioxidants too! Its a great food to check out!

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