how much is a basset hound?

Asked by Member 869563 on Oct 27th 2009 Tagged howcanigroommydog in Home Grooming
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To groom, to have, or how much is it physically? I think you mean to have and that depends on your area, breeder vs shelter, and many other things.

Jet answered on 10/27/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


A rescue costs less than a good breeder, and an animal shelter costs less than a rescue. The price varies according to area. Approximately 25% of dogs in a shelter or rescue group are purebred. There are also breed-specific rescues.
Dogs from a good breeder are more likely to be healthy since good breeders will only breed their healthiest dogs, however.
If you decide to buy from a breeder, be sure to read up on what to look for in one. My site is all about that:

Animal shelter misconceptions:
1. <All shelter dogs have behavior problems.>
Actually, no. The number one reason for a dog to be at the shelter in general is because the family was moving. Good animal shelters do temperament test the dogs, and they can tell you which may be a good match for you.
2. <All animal shelter dogs will have health problems.>
Not always. Or even most of the time, probably. The shelter I volunteer at puts their dogs with health problems in foster homes until they are well enough to be adopted. I've had my shelter dog for two years now, and he's only had one problem: dry eye. Which is not related to genetic health problems.
3. <Animal shelters are filthy.>
Try keeping a building or two full of dogs, cats, and a few other animals clean with only a handful of staff and volunteers. At any rate, the shelters I have been to could hardly be described as "filthy".

That abouts does it. I'm not assuming anything about you, the misconceptions list was only "just in case".

Member 371549 answered on 10/27/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

♥ Copper ♥

We have 3 dogs that we found homeless and our 4 year old son was wanting a new Basset Hound puppy. We checked at our local shelter first and there were none. We called our veternarian and found a breeder and our new addition cost us $250.00. We didn't expect to pay that much but I guess parents will do the unthinkable for their children. He's a beautiful puppy and we're thrilled to have him. If you do decide to buy from a breeder, just be careful.

♥ Copper ♥ answered on 11/2/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer