how much home made food should i feed my dog

Asked by Member 604785 on Mar 8th 2008 in Homemade Food
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Gray Dawn Treader

Well, I don't know anything much about homemade feeding, but it depends on much your dog weighs, his personal nutritional needs, and how much exercise he gets.

Gray Dawn Treader answered on 3/8/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


More information is needed to properly answer your question. Homemade can mean many different things. I feed a raw diet to my dogs. Some call that homemade. Some people cook regular meat and give it to there dogs - that would also be homemade. If you cook don't use a lot of oils or extra fat. I would suggest only searing the outside of the meat so your dog gets the most nutritional value out of what you are feeding.
Basic rule of thumb: feed between 2-4% of your dogs total body weight a day. You have to just start trying and adjust as you go - more or less. You need to further break down that number into this:
Raw Meaty bones (bones are vital to the diet - uncooked bones with meat on them): should make up about 60% of the daily total
Muscle Meat: should make up about 35% of daily total
Organ Meat: should make up about 5% of daily total
You can add supplements like fish oil and vitamin E that helps with skin/coat. Also, Yogurt or Probiotics help aid in digestion health.
PM me for more

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