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How much food should my 7 month old Toy Poodle eat a day?

My vet said for my 11.6 lbs. poode that she should eat a cup a day...1/2 cup in the morning and 1/2 at night. I believe this may be too little. Should I give her 1 1/2 cups a day?

Asked by Lady Ivana (Porscha) Pierrah on Jan 6th 2008 Tagged food, howmuch, amount, amountoffood, offood, cups in Pet Food
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It all depends on the calorie content of the food you're giving and how active she is (what she's burning). Check the Food & Nutrition forum for a recent post on portions that can give you some idea of how other owners determine their dogs' portions.

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Marlowe, CGC

It depends on the food. With lower quality foods, you have to feed more because they have fewer calories and nutrients per cup. With a higher quality food, you feed much less because they've got more nutrition per cup. I feed Natural Balance Ultra Premium and my 55 lb. dog only gets 2 cups per day (1 cup AM, 1 cup PM). That's only twice as much food for a dog who is 5 times the weight of yours. But if you're feeling a food that has a lot less calories and nutrients per cup than the one I feed, you'd have to take that in to account.

The final solution is basically to let your dog's weight tell you the answer. I never go by what's written on the back of dog food bags because it's usually a bit too much (they have a vested interest in getting you to overfeed your dog, after all). I just pick what seems like a good amount, feed that for a couple weeks and see what happens--if the dogs start to look a little chunky, I reduce. If they start to look a little thin, I increase.

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I'd follow your vet's guidelines.

Are you happy with her weight now? Is she too skinny? Too fat? Perfect?
If she is at an ideal weight, don't add more food. If she is too skinny DO add more food. Although I wouldn't worry about her being overweight simply because of her young age.

Pet owners usually feed their dogs too much- pet obesity is an epidemic in the United States. Just because it LOOKS like a small amount of food doesn't mean that it actually IS a small amount of food. Dog food is PACKED with calories and nutrients. That's why dogs don't have to eat as much as people do, all of their nutrients are contained in a few cups of kibble. So that is all they need. If you choose to feed your dog table scraps, reduce the amount of food she gets. This will keep her from becoming overweight later on.

Joey is 64 pounds. He is at an ideal weight. He only eats 2 cups of Science Diet per day. So 1 1/2 cups seems like a lot for an 11 pound poodle.
Go to the Nutrition Forums for more info

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Like others have mentioned, the exact amount varies depending upon food choice. It also changes with activity levels, as in our house both pups gain weight during the winter because we don't stick to our walks as much due to weather.

The deciding factor on how much will be mostly experimental, (try your reccomended amount, 3/4 a day, a cup a day...etc.). I do agree that whichever amount, twice a day feedings are great. Allow at least a week on the chosen amount to view the change. You want your results to be the "ideal" body weight shown in this article:

A lot of vets offices will feature the yellow lab poster demonstrating the same thing:

I'd trust your vet that reduction is the key, but HOW MUCH reduction is questionable. So definitely lessen the amount. The amount of treats throughout the day also plays role; break apart so a smaller amount lasts longer.

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