how much food do i feed my husky each day and whats the best food for him

Asked by drake on Feb 8th 2012 in Food & Nutrition
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Bruno CGC

Hi there, check out www.dogfoodadvisor.com
and dogfoodanalysis.com if you are in America or Canada (though many of the brands they cover are available in other countries too.) These sites are both fair and impartial. I think the "advisor" is a little more realistic (more foods get the top rating) than the "analysis" one, but a top-rated food on either site is a good bet.

To figure out how much to feed him, weigh him on an accurate scale (like the ones at vet offices) and use that to figure out how much food he needs- the back of every dog food bag has recommendations by weight of the dog. Keep in mind it's only an estimate, so if he gains weight or doesn't eat his whole portion, cut back some. Many dogs need less food than the bag estimate.

Bruno CGC answered on 2/8/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Most pet food companies tell you to feed more then needed for the weight of the dog. Because if you feed more, then you buy more.

As far as what food to feed. I guess the best thing to say is the food that your dog will eat and you are happy with the way they look on it. I feed the Nutro Ultra for my dogs because it is something they all like , plus it makes their show coats look nice. You may just have to try a few and see what one works best for both of you.

Ty answered on 2/9/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


My mommy works at a Doggie Daycare and the Huskies tend to eat 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup at night with a few little treat snacks around lunch time. The best dog food to use is Blue Buffalo. It is natural and does not contain any of the synthetic products that most other dog food brands use that can cause seizures, kidney and liver failure, and other health problems. I love Blue Buffalo!

Buddy answered on 2/9/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Libby is a 3yr old, 55 lb husky. She eats 2 1/4 cuts of food per day, 1 1/8 cup around 6:30 a.m. and the other 1 1/8 cup around 4 p.m. She eats Blue Buffalo Lamb & Brown Rice. The Blue Buffalo brand is well-rated and Libby needs lamb & rice because her stomach is sensitive and she's allergic to chicken. Best of luck!

Libby answered on 2/10/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


On your profile, it says that Drake is 11 months old so I would feed him 3 times a day (once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening, 1 cup for every meal). I recommend feeding a high quality brand of food such as Orijen, Acana, Solid Gold Barking at the Moon, Solid Gold Sun Dancer, The Honest Kitchen, Sojos, Primal Pet Foods or Red Dog Blue Kat.

Stay away from brands such as Purina, Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet, Pedigree, Royal Canin, Kibbles n Bits, Ol' Roy, Bil Jac, Good Life Recipe, Diamond Dog Food, Nutro, Abady, Authority, Old Yeller, Dad's Dog Food, etc.

Stay away from any foods that have chicken by-product meal, un-named meats (animal digest, animal fat, meat and bone meal, meat by-products, poultry by-product, fish meal, etc), corn, soy, artificial flavorings and colors, propylene glycol, menadione sodium bisulfite complex (anything that says menadione), wheat, oat groats, egg product, sugar, phosphoric acid, etc.

Feed a high quality pet food!

Member 930032 answered on 2/23/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer