How much exercise does a maltese puppy needs?

Hi guys!
I wanted to say thank you to all of you who helped me with Nacho's eating issue. He's doing SO much better now!
My question this time is: How much exercise does he need? He's 4 months old, energetic and right now I take him to walk (really walk, it's not pee or poo time outside) in the morning for 15 minutes and in the evening, for around 30 minutes. Is this enough? I don't want him to be bored and start developing issues because he hasnt had exercise enough. After we come back home he's still very excited and energetic, so I know I'm not over exercising him.
I don't stay home with him, so he stays in his crate while I'm in school. I come back from school at 5 and my husband comes during lunch to take him out.
I'm reading Cesar Millan's books and he says every dog need two walks a day for at least a half hour, but I don't think a maltese needs as much exercise as a pitbull.
How do you guys exercise your babies?

Asked by Nacho on Nov 2nd 2008 Tagged walk, exercise in Exercise
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First, let me say you're very wise to adjust the exercise according to your dog's individual size and personality. Too many times, trainers like Millan's advice is taken far too literally, to the detriment of both dog and owner.

To me, it sounds like Nacho is getting enough exercise. If he were my dog, I might incorporate a play time session as well, depending on when I could fit it in. Playing with toys or playing fetch is a great way to bond with your puppy and also help teach him manners at the same time. That extra exercise will also stimulate his little puppy brain, which also gets a workout on walks, but play sessions help stimulate him in a more focused way. Since he's small, just throwing a ball or soft toy across the living room should work just fine.

Keep in mind, as Nacho ages he'll have more stamina and your exercise schedule might need some adjustment.

He's ADORABLE by the way!

Jack answered on 11/2/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Take him to the dog park and he will wear himself out. He will run with other dogs then get tired and come to you to go home.

Member 747865 answered on 11/2/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer