How much does a Beagle need to eat?

Just adopted a one year old beagle. I know they are active dogs, and he seems heavy for his size (not fat though, just solid). I have no idea how much he should eat - he eats whatever I give him and tries to steal my Pom's food when he's done. Just had him for 2 days! Thanks.

Asked by Member 778793 on Dec 17th 2008 Tagged beagle, food in Food & Nutrition
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Stella Jones

I've got a beagle cross jack russell and she is very solid also - lots of beagle traits!!! I find that she will eat and eat if allowed so you need to give him either dry or wet food i would say once a day (look on the packets for guidance - food portion is as per the dogs weight). They need to having a routine when feeding.
Mine is exercised regularly so if he is very active then there is no harm in a few treats. i don't give mine any 'bad' human food such as left over take away or chocolate. I try to give mine veg mixed in to normal food and left over meat or pasta b (wholegrain).
You can't go wrong if you follow the guidance on the packaging but if feeding more treats etc then make sure he gets the appropriate exercise!!
Remember though - beagles always seem hungry!!!
Hope this helps!!

Stella Jones answered on 12/17/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Beagles will eat until they explode -- and the weight guidelines on the dogfood bags are always more than your pooch needs. After all, they're in business to sell dog food, aren't they?

Your best bet is to phone around for a vet that has free "wellness" hours during the week. Beagulums can get a free exam, get weighed, and you can ask how much to feed a Dark Hole.

Member 782102 answered on 12/21/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer